My Time for Dying

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Menu Skip to content Led Zeppelin: Plagiarism? Like this: Like Loading Related posts. Once he lets himself feel even just a tiny bit of the rage, from the unfairness at how his father treated him … then that rage will come flooding into him as tall as a skyscraper and will wipe out everything in its path.

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It will come out in other ways. Or, not a channel, but a release valve. Dean can deal with vulnerability far easier than he can deal with rage. One might mistake him for a hothead. One would be wrong. And anger at his father? Absolutely forbidden. And this is the Season 2 opener.

He IS unacknowledged. Sam got out. John would haunt the Stanford campus making sure Sam was okay.

In My Time Of Dying-Led Zeppelin

But Dean? By his side? What about me? It just IS. A rumbling, something happening. I just love how the hospital is so damn dark. I mean, how would nurses even function in that gloom? The hallways are filled with people, none of whom react to Dean as he hustles by. Please note one awesome camera move: the camera follows him down the hallway from behind, then overtakes him around the side, circling around and pulling back, so we see him from the front. It took them 4 hours to get it right. Crazy complex and very sexy.

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Dean follows the swooping green ghostie into a room and stops, seeing a nurse Carrie Fleming lying on the stark tile, choking to death. Her body is wracked in spasms, she tries to call for help and Fleming does a hell of a job. She dies right there, her eyes open and in agony. The closeup of him. The cut on his forehead. The white T-shirt. It is not abstract to him. He cares about everything. No wonder he drinks. Also how dare he be thinking about the demon instead of Dean? What is wrong with this man? Sam is HOT, man. And you have a PLAN. He is unseen by both of them it must have been a trip playing this scene for all parties involved , and seems vulnerable, like a little kid at the top of the stairs listening to his parents argue down below.

John seems to feel that Sam is a stronger ally, and more obsessed than Dean. Dean is the unthinking obedient grunt who just does what he is told. John relies on and leans on Sam.

This demon killed your mother, killed your girlfriend. You begged me to be a part of this hunt. There are a couple of cutaways to Dean looking on, owning all of it, feeling all of it, wanting it to stop, it must stop, the fight must stop, stop stop stop stop.

In my time of dying - Led Zeppelin

John, with every word he speaks, goes into meaner waters. He wants to hurt Sam. There are tons of levels as to why. Sam and John stop. Everyone stops. Sam and John look at the smashed glass of water. Look at each other. Dean is as surprised as anyone.

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  • He looks shocked at his own ability. Immediately following, however, as Sam and John remain silent, Dean starts to feel something happening to him. A weakening, a fizzling-out. It is bad. Real bad. Meanwhile, there is a commotion down the hallway, the sense of people rushing somewhere, an emergency.

    John gestures for Sam to go check it out. Covered in tubes, surrounded by people, who are trying to jolt him back to life. Maybe they should turn the damn lights on so they can see what they are doing. Sam watches from the door, crying, and the camera moves slightly beyond him so we see Dean in the hallway, watching on as the team of doctors and nurses try to revive him and get his pulse back. Then he sees the greenish ghostie hovering over his dead body, Shtriga-like , and he shouts at it to get away from him. Fighting for his life. Knowing that his life is worth fighting for. Which is exactly what I would do, so, you know, no judgment.

    All of this is coming from retrospect, really, from having seen 9 seasons. But there was something thrilling and so bad-ass about how Dean attacked that spirit who hovered over his dead body. The Ghostie is distracted, and turns to look directly at him, the force of which blows him back against the wall Manners chooses to do that in beautiful balletic slo-mo.

    The Ghostie stares directly at him and then whooshes out of the room, Dean still blown back, and then turning, hurrying, to give chase. Because what we are seeing there is vulnerability, adrenaline, fear, and determination. The face is basically blasted open. I just want to point it out, because openness like that IS rare, even in an industry that prizes it so highly. And the effect is as good or even better than anything CGI-created. Then the camera moves off down the hall, away from Sam, where Dean used to be, only now he is not there.

    And emotional.

    Led Zeppelin - In My Time of Dying текст - SR

    But the hallway is now empty. He is back to himself. He has learned something very important about what he is hunting. And if I can grab it I can kill it. Death is not possible.