Island Heat (A Sexy Time Travel Romance With a Twist)

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Plus, what better way to hone my craft and have another excuse to read more books than interviewing fabulous Australian authors every month? I hope you enjoy the interviews and stay tuned for future editions of Kiss and Tell with Maya Linnell! The dual timeline tale opens in Ireland before moving to the bustling Kings Cross district in Sydney, where lead character Rosie Hart finds herself in strife. Neither her husband or her new life in Australia match her expectations, and she soon discovers her flamboyant neighbours care for her more than the man she married. Heart of the Cross was released by Harlequin Mira in late August and is an engaging read filled with heart-felt characters, mystery, romance and triumph.

She happily refers to herself as a book nerd, and collects novels like some women collect shoes and handbags. Bestselling author, Karly Lane is a front runner in the rural romance genre, with her latest novel Mr Right Now bringing readers another much-anticipated serve of country living. Having worked hard to create a new identity and future for herself, her son Danny and her maid Netty, Adelaide has little time for friendships, let alone relationships.

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Her quiet existence is sent into a spin with the arrival of Caleb Hunt, a handsome but battle-weary American still reeling from the civil war. Both have their secrets and independent streaks wider than the Shenandoah River, but before long, romance blossoms in the tinder-dry bush setting. Alison has a knack for painting a vivid and authentic image of early Australia and the beautiful but deadly countryside, and I loved discovering Alison had based the location and several of the incidents and characters on real places and actual events.

She weaves her research through the story with a hint of mystery and enough drama to keep me turning the pages throughout a wet, wintery weekend. As well as teaching OWL courses and volunteering in many capacities for the Romance Writers Australia, Alison was proud to help create a committee and structure that saved RWA from folding in Despite having her own office, Alison does most of her writing on the dining room table under the careful eye of her feline writing companion TobyKat.

As well as writing romance, Dr Sandra Antonelli has taken her passion for creative writing to the next level and made it her mission to study the romance genre. Her masters and doctorate both explored older heroines in romance fiction, and as well as writing mature characters into her novels, Sandra continues to research sexism, ageism, and the portrayal of women over the age of 40 as protagonists in romance fiction, genre fiction, in film, and TV.

The story is set mostly in current-day England, with witty banter and simmering tension between the two lead characters as they chase criminals and a missing trust fund. I enjoyed the bursts of dry, tongue-in-cheek humour, the quirky twists, and had to laugh out loud when a bad guy was impaled on a toilet brush. Award-winning Port Fairy author, Jock Serong writes with a gripping narrative and a pace that urges you to read quicker. Reviewers describe his novels as adventure fiction, crime novels, murder mysteries and political thrillers, and although each release covers a vastly different theme, all four are linked by unexpected plot twists, strong characters and sharp writing.

A keen surfer with a background in criminal law, Jock is currently studying his PhD in creative writing, evaluates funding applications from other writers works as a peer assessor for Vic Arts and The Australia Council, and supports local authors through writing workshops and hosting book launches. His latest novel, Preservation was released by Text publishing in Set in and based on the true story of the wreck of Sydney Cove, Preservation is tale of terror and treachery, shipwreck and survival as a contingent of sailors make their way to Australia.

The perspectives shift from a young and ambitious lieutenant and his British wife as he tries to assert law and order in the infant colony, back to the three shipwrecked survivors, who are hiding more secrets than they reveal. An intensely themed book with harsh but beautifully-drawn landscapes, Preservation is a thrilling page-turner. When the career of the lead character, Jessica May, is sabotaged by an old flame, she deftly jumps from one side of the camera to the other.

The gutsy Jessica campaigns to become a war correspondent for Vogue Magazine, fighting for equality and risking her life to report from the frontline. I was quickly immersed in the French Photographer, relishing the depictions of the brave women often underrecognized in the war effort.

The Perth-based author exudes the same type of glamour as her novels, with a wardrobe full of vintage fashion, a love of travel and a background in marketing for Maybelline cosmetics. Now a full-time writer, Natasha also teaches writing workshops across the country and is taking French lessons to regain fluency in her second language.

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  • Her experience as a midwife, community health nurse and sexual health counsellor provide ongoing inspiration, with Fiona doing most of her writing under the watchful gaze of her ginger feline friend, Pekoe. Her hobbies include tennis, volunteering for Meals on Wheels, coordinating a book group and enjoying live theatre in all its glory — from amateur to fringe through to professional.

    Although many of the facilities in the fictional town of Myrtle have been rebuilt, the fires still have a stronghold on the residents. The four main characters — Julie, Claire, Bec and Sophie- have all lost something or someone dear to them. The storyline flashes between BF and AF before the fire and after the fire revealing the secrets, tensions and impacts of unresolved grief that lurk just beneath the surface of their carefully maintained facades. Fiona has a knack for weaving beautiful backstories into her writing to create realistic settings, relatable characters and strong sub-plots.

    I love how Fiona holds up a mirror to the way women instinctively shelve their own worries and fears to protect their families and maintain appearances, even when their worlds are crumbling. I also liked the social issues she raised, like mental health, domestic violence, manipulation and the importance of strong networks and friends in overcoming hard times.

    Texas-based romance writer, Nicole Flockton, writes contemporary novels in the living room of her Houston home. After growing up in a military family and losing her husband in a training accident, Isabella is wary of trusting her heart to a soldier. This was my first time reading a military-themed romance and I liked the way Nicole used a German Shepherd to bring the main characters together. Welcome to , and the first Kiss and Tell in our genre diversification series. First cab off the rank is John Purcell, author of the witty and fast-paced novel The Girl on the Page. His erotic fiction trilogy — The Secret Lives of Emma — reached bestseller status under the pseudonym Natasha Walker in As their official head of books, John spends his days immersed in the written word, including reviewing books and interviewing hundreds of authors.

    I was immediately roped into The Girl on the Page by the central character Amy, with her wealth, beauty, self-destructive streak and high sex-drive.

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    A talented editor and ghost writer , Amy is on a downward spiral when she is tasked to work with a revered literary author. The unusual pairing forces Amy to reconsider her beliefs and direction, and also sparks a major shift for the older author Helen and her husband Malcolm. I loved the changing point of view between the very distinct protagonists, and the way the novel forced me to consider my own beliefs about fiction genres, how popular opinion and personal ambition colour our views, and the many manifestations of loneliness. The inside insights into the publishing world kept me entertained throughout, as did the mix of novel and author references, and the recommended reading list in the final pages, where each main character outlines their favourite books.

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    Globe-trotting author, Daniel de Lorne, takes languages and writing to the next level. Not only is he an author of six romance novels , he also knows Australian sign language, Italian, French and Spanish.

    Collected here are 7 short, slightly twisted fairy tales retold from a zombie perspective. What if Cinderella had been undead when she went to the ball? Included are:Zombie Cinderella Jackie Brighton woke up in a dumpster this morning, and her day has only gotten weirder. Her breasts grew overnight, her sex drive is insatiable, and apparently she had her first one With a hot new figure, her dream job as an archaeologist, and two gorgeous boyfriends to scratch her seductive Itch -- an angel and a vampire -- Jackie Brighton is totally getting the hang of life as a succubus.

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    The Succubus Chronicles - 2. But take your time, no hurry. I touched her arm. There was an engine malfunction.

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    When I got in, I changed and rushed over to the beach but the ceremony was already over. You forgive me? Everything else went as scheduled. It was out of your control. She was like a beautiful colorful bird, flitting about, chirping happily. Now I sensed an underlying sadness. I gave her shoulders a little squeeze. Her fist tightly clenched her gold cover-up.

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    Looking down at her hand, she loosened her grip.