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The two work well together and did what I thought they might. It always works out nicely. No one ever has an issue or is bothered by them - rather the opposite. For intercourse, the sensation varies greatly. The movement of intercourse can make the piercings move and that can be helpful.

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With oral or manual stimulation, the two pieces can easily be clicked together to create a musical effect. With a Hitachi wand or any other vibrator, I have found the need to keep the outer labia ring clear of the action. If the 2 pieces get caught with a vibe, it can hurt really fast and not in any kind of good way. The loudness of the vibe and the metal is quite funny, rather like a jack hammer.

Or, call and leave a message in my Google Voice Mail Box. Being the only two-time Heisman Trophy winner, an Ohio State legend, nay, institution and all around good guy, certainly media inquiries would take up a lot of his time as we near the end of the college football season. I was mildly surprised to find that the president and CEO of the Ohio State Alumni Association had a person designated to handle interview requests for him.

I contacted that person, Jay Hansen, last week in an attempt to set up an interview. It suddenly dawned on me that we were approaching Heisman voting time. Certainly Griffin would be up to his eyebrows in interviews. I would need to play the ace up my sleeve. I could only guess at how many more would follow me.

I decided then and there to start elsewhere. The last time we saw each other had been in , when we were cart partners in a golf outing at the OSU Scarlet course. That was the first thing like that, that was ever done for me and I cherish that, I really do. We were seniors when Archie was a junior. Both played football, of course. I was a mere spectator. Archie laughs when I tell him of a lasting memory of Friday night football at Eastmoor, that of his mother, Margaret, how she could be heard above everyone else in the stands. And when I think about Eastmoor and them naming that field after me.

Few though are more well known than the honor bestowed upon him by his Ohio State coach, the late, great Woody Hayes. It was not a piece of hardware or a trophy, it was merely a sentence offered to reporters one day while Archie was still playing for the Buckeyes. He was a great football coach but he was a better person than a coach. And I say that because he just cared so much about people.

And each year Griffin presents a scholarship to a male and female athlete at Eastmoor. In deed Griffin has mentored a generation of young people, including his own kids, two of whom, Adam and Andre, played for the Buckeyes. Still, on November 23, he walked onto the field with the seniors during the Senior Day festivities. And the great thing about it is that Ohio State is where they wanted to play.

Archie laughs when I bring it up.


He uncovers the myth by explaining that there is no such place as the Heisman House, what we see in the commercials is merely a mock up. It was a good time. There is no dialog. It is universally understood that Griffin is the only person ever to win two Heisman Trophies. But that could soon change. Another freshman, Florida State Jameis Winston currently tops the field.

The implication being, that some time in the near future Griffin may no longer be the only two-time winner. One of the things I tell people is, I can always say I was the first. I even believe that somebody might win it three times, now that you see freshmen winning the award. I want to be there to welcome them. So how could you feel some animosity toward anybody to not want it to be broken? I mean, 38 years is a long time. I always say that I was fortunate in the sense that I was in the right place at the right time with the right people.

My teammates, I feel, made me look good enough to win the Heisman Trophy. Those were some great teams I played on. Those guys were terrific.

He was on those teams. I feel I was fortunate. So I just count my blessings. Our strength right now is our offense, the way we can put points on the board. But at the same time, this is our first Big Ten Championship Game. I remind him of a night he, brother Daryle and their friend Eddie Bell got me in trouble with my boss.

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Archie lets loose with a belly laugh when I mention Eddie. He continues to laugh as I remind him of how, while I delivered a pizza to them, they talked me into a game of cards, in particular the game of Tonk. The mention of Tonk makes him laugh harder, but not as loud as he did when I relayed a more recent memory.

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The Archie Griffin. Thanks for letting me know. He is loved and admired by millions of Ohioans, but certainly in no place more than right here in Columbus.

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I love being a part of this. I was born in University Hospital, went to college here, played pro football in Cincinnati and then came back to Columbus and started working at the university back in Long time readers know about my fond memories of the Galaxy Cafe which closed years ago. So when I heard that Jerry Burgos, co-founder of the original Galaxy Cafe and long time driving force at the Starliner Diner, was opening a new place I was curious to see how this new restaurant would compare to my memories.

Jerry sold his share in Starliner about four years ago but wanted to come back into the business of owning a restaurant and running a kitchen.

Artwork by Darren McGrath - Bio - Painting My Way Through A Blizzard !

This new incantation in the Galaxy Universe opened in mid-November. Long time fans will find the elements they associate with the name. The decor is a hodgepodge of folk art, flea market and cool cookie jars mixed with bright walls and black and white checkered ceiling tiles. Jerry has teamed up with his wife Jenny and a small staff to add the Galaxy to the dining choices of Hilliard.

This is good news for people like me who feel that there are only a few good dining choices west of the Scioto Olive Tree and Starliner Diner for me. However Jerry has some challenges to face with this new location, so old-time fans who have been thinking about dropping in could give this new business a great holiday gift by dropping in before Christmas.

Challenge number one is location. It does not have a sign look for City Kids Daycare to know you are close. As a new business that has only been open a few weeks, there are a few glitches to tweak. Service was a bit spotty on my visit. The volume of the music is too loud, especially when the spaces are quiet. The menu is familiar but could use more detailed descriptions of some dishes. And the coffee cups are too small and too thin to offer an optimal coffee experience one expects at a diner.

All food sampled was good and worthy of the Galaxy name, I just hope that Jerry will get the business needed in the early months to have a full opportunity to show what he can do in the back of the house. So, when you are looking for another fine dining experience for that special event, Deepwood is another great local option. Our vegan meet-up of 40 thoroughly enjoyed the creative and delectable spread they created for us this time last year. By eliminating livestock from our agricultural production, we largely eliminate all kinds of infectious diseases from contaminating the food chain, such as: salmonella, e-coli, MRSA, pfiesteria, and campylobacter.

Deepwood is open Mon-Sat for lunch and dinner.

Garrett David was in town from Chicago. Garrett moved to Chicago shortly thereafter. Chicago is the home of House Music. He is also the music buyer at Gramaphone Records, a revered record store in Chicago. Garrett has put out a few records including a recent release under the name BellBoys with his roommate Adam Rowe. He also recently toured Europe.