Reptilians In New York – The Ultimate Battle Of The Human Race

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A young Visitor officer who becomes a leader of the Friends of the Visitors youth corps. As Daniel Bernstein continues to prove his devotion and loyalty, he becomes Brian's second-in-command. Brian befriends Robin Maxwell , and when she becomes a prisoner on the mother ship. Diana enlists him in an experiment in inter-species reproduction. Daniel is set up to be seen by the Visitors as Brian's betrayer when Brian is captured and used as a test subject for the red dust. As he tries to manipulate Robin into setting him free by trying to appeal to her "love" for him, a vengeful Robin uses the Red Dust on Brian right after showing Brian their child, Elizabeth.

Jake Stack Pierce is introduced in V. He has the rank of Captain and the outward appearance of an African-American man. His unit captures both Robin and Robert Maxwell when they emerge from the downtown Resistance hideaway after curfew. He extracts the location of the mountain camp from Robert, but betrays Robert by leading an attack on the camp anyway, with Diana riding along. Lieutenant James is an opportunistic soldier and one of Diana's lovers. He is assigned to capture and destroy Resistance fighters no matter what the cost. He is loyal to Diana though still always in fear of his life.

He arranges an unsuccessful assassination attempt on The Leader and is last seen in custody alongside Diana. Steven Andrew Prine is introduced in V. He is the security chief on board Diana 's ship in Los Angeles. He establishes a relationship with Eleanor Dupres that he puts to use by bringing her into the fold as a collaborator and obtains information he feels is useful to his job. He engages in a power struggle with Diana.

Who Are The Reptilians, And What Do They Want With The Human Race?

They differ in how they wish to handle the unexpected resilience of the Resistance. Steven apparently kills Eleanor when she attempts to flee the Visitor embassy and he is killed by Ham Tyler - who dumps a mass of red dust on Steven's face and leaves him to die. After the Visitors begin their reign of terror and Donovan is captured, Martin helps him escape. After Sean and his ex-wife Marjorie go missing — along with the majority of the townspeople — he goes up to the mothership again and confronts Martin about what the Visitors are really up to.

He confesses that they've been stealing Earth's water supply, and that both Sean and Marjorie are alive. Unfortunately, he adds, they are being kept in suspended animation because, in addition to water, their planet also has another major shortage — food. Martin is opposed to the Leader's plans, but is afraid to offer Donovan any more than ancillary support, as the Fifth Column is not strong enough to exist openly. Much later, the Visitors use Sean to trade for Donovan. Once aboard Diana's mothership, she immediately tests out her new truth serum on him.

Unable to resist, Donovan unwillingly names Martin as the head of the Fifth Column aboard her vessel. Martin manages to kill Diana's guard, but she gets away. With nowhere left to turn, he follows Donovan back to Earth where he joins other members of the Fifth column. Following the end of the war and Diana's capture, Martin becomes Donovan's cameraman. However, his sense of outrage that Diana will be tried at the Hague instead of executed outright gets the better of him, and he tracks her down, hoping to do the job himself.

Unfortunately, Diana mortally wounds him, escaping with his last Red Dust pill and setting her jail on fire.

Donovan arrives too late to save his friend. He came to investigate Lydia's reports of Diana's behavior and to find Mike Donovan, the man who supposedly murdered his twin brother, Martin.

The Draconian/Saurian War Conspiracy

However, after confronting Donovan, he discovers that it was Diana who was Martin's killer. Eventually, he becomes friends with Donovan as well, and becomes a valuable ally of the Resistance. It is never explained how Phillip is immediately recognizable as Martin's brother, as both characters are always seen wearing their human disguises. A Visitor cadet, she killed another cadet during combat training and was dismissed by Philip for her sadism, thus preventing her from becoming an officer.

Diana plays on Angela's resentment, assigning her as Philip's bodyguard on an assignment to capture Mike Donovan as part of her plan to have Philip killed. Angela is stopped from killing Philip when she is shot dead by Glenda. He is a young officer who becomes Diana's lover. After the failure of one of her exploits, Diana kills him "because someone has to take the blame".

Due to the episodes being aired out of order, the episode in which Daniel dies aired before the episode in which he was introduced. He is the undercover agent assigned to infiltrate the Resistance and impregnate Robin Maxwell in hopes of creating a second Star Child, but he is killed by a Fifth Columnist before he can finish his mission. She is the mother ship's pharmacist.

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She provided Lydia with the cat poison Lydia tried to use to kill Diana, but which killed Charles. Diana despises her and, with Lydia's reluctant assistance, frames her for Charles ' murder. Marta is sentenced to be shot into space for eternity alongside Charles' decaying corpse in a space crypt. Diana orders Oswald to ensure that Marta is alive and conscious "if she stops breathing so do you" ; Marta wakes up next to the corpse just before the crypt leaves the ceremony site. Lydia 's brother, he is brought to the Los Angeles Mothership as part of a scheme by Diana , who intends to have him sacrificed at a Visitor ceremony, but is thwarted by his sister and Philip.

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An underling of Diana, he is a mortician and an interior decorator. Diana had him "procure" several sexual partners for her pleasure a job which he enjoyed immensely. He is very flamboyant and very openly homosexual but steered clear of what he considered stereotypical gay behavior such as "bathhousing and barbarism", though this did not stop him from indulging in his taste for sexual pleasures in much the same manner as Diana. The infiltrators slowly get control of the levers of power in the targeted population, and the enemy becomes weakened from within.

This term was coined in by Spanish dictator Francisco Franco, who claimed he would attack with four columns. The fifth column had already infiltrated the enemy ranks. As will be seen later, this same time-tested Reptilian technique is being implemented in America today. The Atlanteans discovered the deception and began pointing their weapons downward.

King Kong (1933)

Ultimately, this caused Atlantis to sink beneath the Atlantic, one segment at a time. Antarctica became a frozen wasteland, and the Gobi turned into a desert. This was probably the event that wiped out the dinosaurs. The Atlanteans had been given adequate notice by their prophets and had migrated to Egypt, the Mediterranean, and Central and South America. Table of Contents.

Author Bio. Len Kasten is a UFO researcher and freelance writer. Book Praise. The scope of Reptilian influence over human elites and society is breathtaking and provides an explanation for many of the historical ills afflicting humanity. Kasten peels back the layers of secrecy even further to reveal the dire situation we collectively face today--where our political leaders are vassals for imperialistic Reptilian aliens--and the need for an informed citizenry to take back their sovereign destiny.

Salla, Ph.

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This book should be read by all those concerned with putting the pieces of the alien puzzle together. Jacobs, Ph. He has mapped out a new cosmology that takes us back to the stars, revealing the hidden stories of our galactic history, which include the cast, characters, and politics involved. The information within these pages allows us to take a giant leap forward to a deeper knowing that has always been encoded within our DNA. This hidden history has been patiently waiting to be revealed when we are ready to face the deep spiritual and psychological questions that arise from this knowing.

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