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Robert Browning | British poet |

It has been credited as rousing greater public support for reforms surrounding child labour. Industrialisation led to a dramatic increase in child labour. Professor Emma Griffin explores the dangerous, exhausting work undertaken by children in factories and mines, and the literary responses of writers including Charles Dickens and Elizabeth Barrett Browning.

Dr Simon Avery considers how Elizabeth Barrett Browning used poetry to explore and challenge traditional Victorian roles for women, assessing the early influences on her work and thought.

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A two-volume anthology, Poems, by Elizabeth Barrett, later Barrett Browning was published in , to Information Description Elizabeth Barrett Browning 's influential poem ' The Cry of the Children ' was written in response to the dire state of child labour in Britain. Full catalogue details. Explore further Related articles.

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Child labour Article by: Emma Griffin Theme: Childhood and children's literature Industrialisation led to a dramatic increase in child labour. I - Pippa Passes Bells and Pomegranates.

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Teach this Poem. Poetry Near You. Academy of American Poets. National Poetry Month. American Poets Magazine. Poets Search more than 3, biographies of contemporary and classic poets. Robert Browning — Texts Year Title Prev 1 Next. Collections Year Title Prev 1 Next. Read poems by this poet. Read texts about this poet. II For me, I touched a thought, I know, Has tantalized me many times, Like turns of thread the spiders throw Mocking across our path for rhymes To catch at and let go.

III Help me to hold it! Hold it fast! V The champaign with its endless fleece Of feathery grasses everywhere!

How Do I Love Thee by Elizabeth Barrett Browning performed by Lindsay Gurley

VI Such life here, through such lengths of hours, Such miracles performed in play, Such primal naked forms of flowers, Such letting nature have her way While heaven looks from its towers! VII How say you? Let us, O my dove, Let us be unashamed of soul, As earth lies bare to heaven above! How is it under our control To love or not to love?

Nor yours nor mine, nor slave nor free! Where does the fault lie? I yearn upward, touch you close, Then stand away.


XI Already how am I so far Out of that minute? Must I go Still like the thistle-ball, no bar, Onward, whenever light winds blow, Fixed by no friendly star? XII Just when I seemed about to learn! Where is the thread now? Off again!

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The old trick! Only I discern— Infinite passion, and the pain Of finite hearts that yearn. Robert Browning My Star All, that I know Of a certain star Is, it can throw Like the angled spar Now a dart of red, Now a dart of blue; Till my friends have said They would fain see, too, My star that dartles the red and the blue!

Then it stops like a bird; like a flower, hangs furled: They must solace themselves with the Saturn above it. What matter to me if their star is a world? Mine has opened its soul to me; therefore I love it. Love in a Life Room after room, I hunt the house through We inhabit together. Heart, fear nothing, for, heart, thou shalt find her, Next time, herself!