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It is in this city that the truth behind Paige's fear is revealed and the threat that it poses is very real. This book is awesome and intriguing. If you love vampires that don't quite conform to the usual rules then, this is a must read. An amazing book, couldn't put it own, jst like any other good books i've read. I lurveee Siennna and Jason. My favourite out of all the Vampire Beach Series, this book was also the first one i've read cos some one else burrowed the first. So i had to read from the end and i just wanted to learn more about the characters. Sep 11, Claire rated it liked it Shelves: books-read-in For some reason I have read up to book 6 I think that's all published till now.

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And it's sometimes good to get a little light relief from heavy serious reading!!!! We finally meet Siennas legendary sister Paige who rocks up a month early home from c aimed I think at the younger end of the YA scale but if you're after an extremely light, no hidden secrets, no adult content at all this is for you.

We finally meet Siennas legendary sister Paige who rocks up a month early home from college in Paris. After a welcome home party she decides it's a good idea to go to Vegas the next day.


The usual vamps go and as Jason is going so goes Adam! But sienna and Jason both can tell something is worrying Paige The trip to Vegas isn't the spring break vacation relaxation and for Jason and sienna some much needed down time they first thought it would be. But at least this is showing that there ARE bad vamps in the world but when there are good ones - you really don't want to mess with them together. Yes Jason was a cute new guy who does well against all the vamps.

Sienna does well as the beautiful yet is-she-isnt-she reachable female More explanations are needed in the way of how they exist in general day to day etc And as much as yes I like Jason A mere mortal shouldn't.

There should at least be a close call but he always saves the day Sorry author Dec 07, Shaft rated it really liked it. Quick fun read kind of sad that there is only one book left. Dec 01, Theresa rated it really liked it. During a typical Vampire Beach party, she receives an odd delivery. While a lot of fun this story had a lot of basic errors. First off, supposing Belle is working on getting Adam to be less of a geek, but most of the time she seems to just be encouraging it.

He also wanders off a lot, getting into trouble and disappearing just when they have other things to worry about. You would think her friends would notice before Jason did. Like why the drink choice? For a major hotel in Las Vegas, I was not very impressed. The security was very lax. Belle pretending to be the hotel manager to get the suitcases, while interesting, was way too easy. Fave scene: Marc getting arrested.

Nov 03, Lisa rated it really liked it Shelves: books-i-own. Taking off from Legacy, Jason and Sienna are together and are as happy as can being.

For once everything seems perfect to Jason, and spring break in Malibu. Unlike a lot of vampire novels out there where t Taking off from Legacy, Jason and Sienna are together and are as happy as can being.

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Unlike a lot of vampire novels out there where the human always hides behind the vampire. Again the plot was simple and easy to navigate, but I just found it so hard to put down. Great page-turner for the young adults. You can find more reviews Mademoisellesnow Blog Mar 03, Francisco marked it as to-read Shelves: 12th-grade. When she suggests spending Spring Break in Las Vegas the Malibu crowd jump at the chance and Jason is overwhelmed by the money, clubs and champag Jason thinks he must have just about taken all the challenges that can be thrown at him and Sienna.

But when Paige's old boyfriend - Mark Lessard - turns up, things suddenly get dangerous. Sienna's missing being used as bait between Paige and Mark so a deal is made between them. Suddenly the stakes are very high I recommend this book to all horror readers Apr 08, Erin rated it liked it. Overall, this is a really fun series.

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It reads like 80s teen fiction The characters are well written and amusing, the plots are just enough off the wall to still be relatable and the vampires are easy to imagine. Too bad there is only one more book in this series!

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Feb 01, Josephine rated it did not like it. Jun 05, Ceejay rated it really liked it. This, the fifth entry in the Vampire Beach novels, is another enjoyable read. This time the gang heads off to Las Vegas! I believe these books belong under the category of guilty pleasure. They are what they are I have enjoyed every one of them. Aug 19, Amanda rated it liked it Shelves: reviewed.

This was an interesting series.

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I found that it was like the O. C with vampires. A good read. Mar 31, Victoria marked it as to-read. Jan 27, Melissa rated it it was amazing Shelves: own. Vegas was a great setting for this. Aug 04, Sarah marked it as to-read. What does anyone think of this book?? View 1 comment. Jan 14, Heather P rated it liked it Shelves: vampire-beach.

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